Our Services

The Office of the Legislative Counsel provides assistance in drafting the following types of legislative documents:

  • New bills and resolutions for introduction in the House.
  • Amendments to be offered to bills and resolutions when they are considered at committee markups or on the House floor.
  • The proposed statutory language for reports of conference committees to resolve differences between House- and Senate-passed measures. 
  • The text of certain motions to be offered on the House floor.  These include motions to suspend the rules (but only if an amendment to the introduced version of the bill is involved), motions to recommit, and motions to instruct conferees.

Additionally, when a House committee reports a bill that amends existing law, we prepare for inclusion in the committee report a comparative print (commonly referred to as a “Ramseyer”) that shows how the amended provisions will read if the bill passes, as required by House Rule XIII.